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Mulai 1 Januari 2011 Larangan Premium Berlaku Nasional


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Rencana pemerintah yang akan memberlakukan larangan menggunakan BBM bersubsidi di Jabodetabek berubah. Larangan akan berlaku secara nasional mulai 1 Januari 2011. Dengan seluruh kesiapan kebijakan tersebut termasuk perangkat yang akan dioperasikan, mulai dari stiker hingga petugas operasional di lapangan.

Hal ini dijelaskan langsung oleh Menko Perekonomian Hatta Rajasa di Jakarta, Jumat (26/11).”Pembatasan ini langsung berlaku nasional, tidak seperti wacana awal yang hanya Jabodetabek,” katanya.

Secara terperinci Hatta belum bisa memastikan jenis larangan yang akan diterapkan, apakah larangan penggunaan BBM bersubsidi berlaku bagi semua mobil pribadi dan mobil keluaran 2005 ke atas. Sebab, itu bergantung pada persetujuan DPR. 

Hatta meyakini pelaksanaan per 1 Januari 2011 nanti tidak akan ada kendala, kecuali memang ada yang berniat buruk. Namun demikian antisipasi atas gangguan sistem ini juga dikatakan telah siap. “Sebagus apapun sistem itu, kalau ada niat jahat tetap bisa dirusak, tapi memang kita harus punya sistem agar kejahatan itu tidak gampang dilakukan,” ujarnya lagi.

Rencana ini dikhawatirkan akan berdampak pada inflasi langsung rumah tangga. Kebijakan itu tidak akan memicu efek berantai ke sektor lain. “Dampaknya hanya direct inflation konsumsi rumah tangga yang menggunakan BBM bersubsidi,” kata Kepala Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) Rusman Heriawan di Bandung, Jumat 26 November 2010.

Menurut Rusman, diperbolehkannya kendaraan umum menggunakan BBM bersubsidi merupakan jalan tengah yang terbaik. Dengan demikian, BPS dapat dengan mudah mengukur inflasi pembatasan konsumsi BBM terhadap rumah tangga.


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Poop Powered MegaWatts

A Chinese Dairy Farm Made The World’s Largest Machine For Turning Crap Into Power

A Chinese Dairy Farm Made The World's Largest Machine For Turning Crap Into PowerWhat happens when a Chinese dairy farm takes the excrement from 60,000 of its 250,000 cows and converts it into electricity? They generate 5.66 megawatts of power, which is roughly enough to power 3500 American homes.

According to Technology Review, Huishan Dairy has created a methane converter that is over 10 times the size of similar such devices. Powered by four of the GE engines pictured above, the converter captures methane from fermenting cow poop and turns it into power. Pop Sci does a good job of summarizing the science behind the converter, which involves processes like hydrodesulfurization and anaerobic digestion, so on and so forth.

But what’s really interesting here is that the scale of this converter might be more economically appealing to dairy farms in the US. Currently, methane converter in the US only generates 2 megawatts of power, and are only used by 1% of farms. And considering the plant in China could reduce carbon emssions by over 180,000 tons, I’m sure such a converter would have the full support of green freaks stateside. [Technology Review via PopSci]

Twitter Role on Disaster Relief

     Twitter Enables DIY Disaster Relief in Indonesia

BY David ZaxMon Nov 22, 2010

Indonesians, who were the victims of earthquakes, a tsunami, and volcanic eruptions last month, are finding help from an unlikely source: Twitter.


Indonesian disaster relief

Indonesians, who were the victims of earthquakes, a tsunami, and volcanic eruptions last month, are finding help from an unlikely source: Twitter.

Indonesia is a country composed of 17,000 islands, and organizing aid relief efforts has proved a challenge, particularly in regions where infrastructure was destroyed, reports Reuters. So enterprising and tech-savvy citizens are taking measures into their own hands, coordinating relief through Twitter. Twitter is extremely popular among Internet-using Indonesians, 21% of whom use the site (compare that to 12% for the U.S.).

A group near the erupting Mount Merapi volcano has been particularly effective at using Twitter for relief. Not long ago, someone sent out a tweet announcing that there were packages of food a neighboring town. Within 10 minutes, over a dozen cars were ready to deliver it. “It was so fast I almost didn’t believe it,” Akhmad Nasir told Reuters. On another occasion, the group announced a need to prepare meals for 30,000 people; within four hours, it was done.

The Mount Merapi group has a history of analogue social networking, which must have smoothed its transition into such a strong Twitter community. In 2006, they set up a radio community and called it Jalin Merapi, the purpose of which was to monitor the volcano. Now Jalin Merapi has its own Twitter account with 33,500 followers. It sent out 12,000 tweets over the past month.

There are 700 shelters around the foot of Mount Merapi, shelters which have housed 200,000 people in the latest crisis. “Little shelters often cause problems in aid distribution. To equally divide aid to 700 different shelters is difficult, almost impossible,” one of Indonesia’s aid workers said. Again, Jalin Merapi to the rescue. The group has some 700 volunteers tweeting intelligence.

“Info please, which shelters need baby clothing and porridge, blankets, we are on the way,” read one recent tweet from a follower, @dkurniawan.

IE9 Cheats!

Did Internet Explorer 9 Cheat In The SunSpider Benchmark?

Written by Ricky on November 17th, 2010   Link to this post   

A Mozilla engineer has uncovered something embarrassing for Microsoft – Internet Explorer might be cheating in the SunSpider Benchmark. The SunSpider, although developed by Apple, has nowadays become a very popular choice of benchmark for the JavaScript engines of browsers.

While Mozilla engineer Rob Sayre was benchmarking Firefox 4 with different browsers, he noticed something with Internet Explorer 9 – Internet Explorer 9 was around 10 times faster than the other browsers in a particular test (math-cordic) in the SunSpider benchmark. While Chrome and Opera scored took around 10ms in that test, Internet Explorer 9 finished it it in about 1ms.

Update: We have changed the title of the story as some commentators have rightly pointed out the previous one was too biased.

Update 2: To make user experience better, the IE team has been tuning the JavaScript engine for real world sites over the last few weeks. Based on this, an updated platform preview build (Version 7) for IE9 has been released for you to try.

Sayre investigated further by modifying the code for that test used in the SunSpider Benchmark a bit. He made two variations of the test little bits of codes to the original – one by adding a “true” and another by adding a “return“. As these “true” and “return” in this context does not do anything there should be minimal impact.

The result though is startling – Internet Explorer 9 took around 20 times longer with the two new tests compared with the original. While the original took only 1ms in my laptop, the other two took around 20ms each.


This is quite a startling result. The result for cordic (which is the original) should not differ much from the other two.

Here are Google Chrome and Opera respectively with the same test:



As you can see very clearly the addition of “true” and “return” has minimal impact on the result with Opera and Chrome. The result in all three tests stays almost the same at around 9.6ms in Chrome and 7.7ms in Opera. With Internet Explorer 9, though, the addition of “true” and “return” is enough to send up the 1ms it got in the original test to 20ms.

There are three possible explanation for this weird result from Internet Explorer:

  1. Microsoft cheated by optimizing Internet Explorer 9 solely to ace the SunSpider Bechmark. To me, this seems like the best explanation. [Update: This analysis from Hacker News seems to support this –]
  2. Microsoft engineers working on Internet Explorer 9 could have been using the SunSpider Benchmark and unintentionally over-optimized the JavaScript engine solely for the SunSpider Benchmark. This seems very unlikely to me.
  3. A third option (suggested in Hacker News) might be that this is an actual bug and adding these trivial codes disaligns cache tables and such throwing off the performance entirely. If this is the reason, it raises a serious question about the robustness of the engine.

With this revelation, I cannot help but wonder if Microsoft did something like this in their HTML5 Demos where Internet Explorer 9 beats Google Chrome hands down.

Nasib TKW

Sunday, April 11, 2004

The End of the Road….

King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh has a wonderful immigration hall. Palm trees, fountains, marble; you really want to linger there. And if you don’t have a Saudi passport, you will. For up to 3 hours, if you’re unlucky. It’s our bureacracy at work. You’ll get checked thru the computer, which is slow. And if the immigration guard takes a call on his mobile from a friend, you’ll have to wait until he finishes. A consultant came to our company from Norway; he said he was held for 20 miinutes at the desk because the guy had never heard of his country, couldn’t find it in the database.

Anyway, a common sight there is a 747-load of newly-arrived Indonesian housemaids, all sitting patiently on the floor, and being herded by a Saudi “agent”. They’ve just arrived from some small village on some island, where they were dirt-poor and no doubt a burden on their family, to seek a new life and the opportunity to send money home. This will be their first sight of a modern city, a washing mashine, a cooker, an electric kettle. Typically their own accomodation will be a windowless corrugated-iron box on top of the roof of the house where they work. Imagine that in the summer! And when the family go out, they are locked inside.

It is estimated that within 12 months, 20 – 30 % will have escaped. Why? A combination of 3 reasons:
– They never got paid. They got fed and housed, but not paid.
– the woman of the house got irritated at her slowness, and started hitting her. Or maybe she didn’t need an excuse. Then the children join in.
– the man of the house, or the son, or both, raped her. Maybe she got pregnant, and was thrown out. Maybe she decided to get out before that happened.

So there’s a stream of escaping housemaids. Where do they go?. Well, not the Indonesian Embassy, they’re too craven towards the “Land of the Two Holy Mosques”, looking out for the next handout so they can build another mosque. Some just move on to another household. Some are very lucky and fall in with unofficial charities that provide a safe house, somewhere to have the baby, and a ticket home. And some are not so lucky…

40 Arrested for Running Brothel in Jeddah District

    JEDDAH, 11 April 2004 — Police have arrested more than 40 men and women of different nationalities for allegedly running a brothel, Al-Watan reported yesterday.

The arrests were made in cooperation with officials of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice after a number of suspicious activities had been observed.

The alleged prostitutes, mostly Indonesians, were using flats in a residential building in Al-Salama neighborhood, the paper said. Police raided the building and arrested men and women suspected of engaging in immoral activity.

Initial investigations showed that an Indonesian woman was employing runaway maids in the business. According to a police official, the majority of those arrested were women.

Note the slightly sanctimonious tone of the article; this is Third World nationals running a brothel, nothing to do with we Saudis. But this is a problem that we make, and for these poor women, prostitution is the end of the line.

It’s another national disgrace. If we were any other country, there would be investigative newspaper articles and TV documentaries. But we keep it swept under the carpet.


Indonesian Maid’s Tragedy Continues
Maha Akeel, Arab News

Nour Miyati

JEDDAH, 26 December 2005 — A Riyadh judge sentenced an Indonesian maid, who accused her sponsor and his wife of torturing her, to 79 lashes yesterday.

“We have made our appeal to the court and we trust in the Saudi court system and have confidence in it,” said Nour Miyati‘s lawyer, Nasser Al-Dandani, who was appointed to her by the Indonesian Embassy.

In March, Miyati was brought to a hospital in Riyadh by her sponsor in a critical condition suffering from gangrene to her fingers, toes and a part of her right foot. Doctors had to remove some of her fingers and toes.

At first Miyati claimed that her sponsor tied her up for a month in a bathroom and beat her severely injuring her eyes and knocking out several of her teeth. But Miyati later changed her testimony and was subsequently charged with making false accusations of torture against her sponsor.

A judge later sentenced the sponsor’s wife, who admitted to beating Miyati, to 35 lashes. The husband was found innocent due to lack of evidence against him.

The judge is yet to issue a decision on Miyati‘s case against her sponsor for beating her. The sponsor will have to provide monetary compensation to the maid if the judge rules in her favor.

In July, Saudi authorities imprisoned Miyati while she was still being treated at the Specialist Hospital in Riyadh for her wounds and amputations.

Following complaints by her lawyer, Dandani, and the Indonesian Embassy, Miyati was released to the care of the Nahda Women’s Charity Society by orders of Riyadh Gov. Prince Salman.

Officials at the Indonesian Embassy refused to elaborate or comment on the sentencing until a final decision is made. The embassy remains in contact with Miyati at her lawyer’s residence.

“She is still in my house as a guest and receiving the medical treatment she needs,” Dandani said.

bonus prize:

A Riyadh judge sentenced an Indonesian maid, who accused her sponsor and his wife of torturing her, to 79 lashes yesterday….In March, Miyati was brought to a hospital in Riyadh by her sponsor in a critical condition suffering from gangrene to her fingers, toes and a part of her right foot.Doctors had to remove some of her fingers and toes….A judge later sentenced the sponsor?s wife, who admitted to beating Miyati, to 35 lashes. The husband was found innocent due to lack of evidence against him.


Jika SIM anda hilang atau rusak…

Langkah-langkah mengurus SIM Hilang atau Rusak
dari twit biniku 🙂

RikaEridani Alhamdulillah… SIM A sudah terbit kembali. Aku mau share ngurus SIM yang hilang/rusak #SIM

RikaEridani Kalau SIM kita hilang, lapor ke Polsek terdekat. Akan lebih mudah u/ pengurusan selanjutnya, jika msh simpan nomer SIM yg hilang/rusak #SIM

RikaEridani Setelah memiliki surat keterangan kehilangan dari kepolisian, segera urus SIM yg hilang tadi ke SatPas Daan Mogot #SIM

RikaEridani Syarat u/ mengurus: surat laporan kehilangan dari kepolisian dan fotokopi KTP. SIM hilang/rusak hanya bisa diurus di SatPas Daan Mogot #SIM

RikaEridani Usahakan datang pagi-pagi ke SatPas Daan Mogot. Loket tes kesehatan sudah mulai buka jam 07.30 #SIM

RikaEridani Sebelum ke SatPas Daan Mogot siapkan : 1. Fotokopi KTP, 2. Fotokopi SIM yg hilang (kalau ada), serta 3. Surat laporan kehilangan #SIM

RikaEridani Sampai SatPas Daan Mogot, langsung ke loket tes kesehatan. Lokasinya di sisi kiri gedung utama. #SIM

RikaEridani Siapkan Rp 20.000 u/ menebus form tes kesehatan. Tes dilakukan di ruang sebelah. Sangat formalitas 😀 #SIM

RikaEridani Setelah memperoleh hasil tes, kertas pink kita bawa ke loket BRI yg berada di gedung utama. Percaya diri aja, jgn tergoda rayuan calo #SIM

RikaEridani Beberapa teman menganjurkan membeli asuransi. Saya sih enggak 😀 Jalan terus! #SIM

RikaEridani Masuk loket BRI, kita disodori pembayaran biaya SIM Rp 80.000 yg dicap, bukan dicetak :-p #SIM

RikaEridani Pdhal tertera dlm form: SIM baru Rp 70.000, SIM lama Rp 60.000 CMIIW #SIM (cat: ini SIM A, yaa…)

RikaEridani Lalu, kita tukarkan bukti pembayaran dgn formulir penerbitan SIM. Isi formulir dgn baik dan benar. Jgn lupa bawa bolpen, yaa #SIM

RikaEridani Nanti kita diminta menyumbang PMI seikhlasnya. Rp 5000 saya ditukar dgn 3 lb bukti menyumbang dr PMI warna pink 😀 #SIM

RikaEridani Setelahform diisi, kita serahkan ke loket 21. Kl perpanjangan #SIM, selesai disini. Tunggu foto. Kl SIM hilang, lari ke lantai atas!

RikaEridani Lantai 2 adh bag. Identifikasi dan klarifikasi #SIM hilang/rusak. Kl sdh ada nomer SIM lama, makin cepat berkas kita diproses.

RikaEridani Setelah berkas dilegalisasi, bawa ke loket 18. Sampai di sini kita boleh lega. Sisiran dulu, dandan. Bentar lagi foto di loket 23-26 #SIM

RikaEridani Ohya, hampir lupa. Berhubung satu dan lain hal, saya tdk dipungut biaya sewaktu melakukan legalisasi dan identifikasi #SIM yg hilang.

RikaEridani Kalo gak salah lihat, loket legalisasi #SIM ada biayanya. Maafkan saya tidak bertanya. Soalnya gak diminta 😀

RikaEridani Setelah dicap dan diarahkan le loket foto oleh loket 18, maka saatnya kita difoto dandan yang cakep dan sisiran yg rapi #SIM

RikaEridani Loket pemotretan adh tempat kita check/recheck data kita. Di sini jg arsip sidik jari dan tandatangan #SIM

RikaEridani Setelah difoto, kita tunggu di loket 30. Yay! Sebentar lagi #SIM-nya terbit.

RikaEridani Siapkan Rp 5000 u/ menebus #SIM baru. Gatau buat apa, tapi kita dikasih dompet warna ijo ada gambar lambang kepolisian buat wadah SIM -_-*

RikaEridani Jadi, total biaya yg saya keluarkan u/ menerbitkan #SIM karena hilang/rusak adalah Rp 110.000, waktunya sekitar 1 jam.

RikaEridani Puas, bisa bikin #SIM tanpa calo. Asalkan bawa persiapan lengkap spt alat tulis, fotokopi KTP dll. Selamat mencoba

RikaEridani Step2 penerbitan #SIM rusak/hilang berlaku juga u/ perpanjangan SIM. As simple as like that

RikaEridani Eh, tapi u/ perpanjangan #SIM tanpa step legalisasi data, yaa… lebih simpel dan sederhana… Semoga bergunaa…

RikaEridani Ohya, jangan lupa bikin fotokopian #SIM yaa… Simpan di rumah sbg arsip. *amit2* kalo ada kenapa2, bisa lebih mudah ngurusnya take care



I stand here with a thousand words and tons of hopes
But blankness is the place they ended up the most
I’m lost in the frequency of the oddities
It feels so hard to breathe
I’m like a hapless piece of symphony that no one really cares to hear

You simply inspire me
Collide into me
But no one’s there
So why don’t you hold me
Why don’t you move me
So I know you care
I wonder how far to go
To simply have you and simply keep you

And now, when everything has been said and done
In silence I can only wish I am the one
I’m floating like a bubble that will pop and be gone
Just trying to make you see
The simplicity of lock and key
And how you’re never ever there to free me

From all of the thousand thunders
Why was it you who struck me?
The sky is cracking and nothing can patch the leak
Why was it me who dripped from the broken horizon,
glided against the wall and never be rescued?
From all of the thousand places
Why was it me you chose to love,
Why was it me?

(Slipping through your fingers. Is anyone there?
I’ll never be rescued.)