Backup (export-import) your Blogsome WXR file into

I have a blogsome blog,
Today, when I logged into it, I found a note from blogsome said:

We regret to inform you that Blogsome is going to be closing down permanently. We’ve enjoyed hosting your blogs, but all good things must come to an end. After the 7th December the admin interface of your blog may no longer be accessible and the blog content may be removed.

If you would like to backup your content you can do so by logging into your blog. After this choose the Manage >> Backup tabs. Here you will find three backup options. We have recently added a WXR file option, which will allow you to import your content back into the popular blogging site. In order to keep your images you should select a backup of the database which includes images.

We are sorry about the inconvenience and wish you good luck in your future blogging endevours.

The Blogsome team.

I then decided to export my blog to somewhere else.
I followed the instruction above.

  • Chose menu “Manage”
  • Chose sub menu “Backup”

I was presented several options like this:


backup of this blog. It includes the database tables, except the options table, in MySQL format.

This backup also includes your images (you currently have 52 images).

This backup includes a wordpress WXR file which may be imported into wordpress.

(Please note that there is no easy way to import a backup back into your blog.)

This is what I did:

  • I chose the third option, by RIGHT-CLICKING “This backup” of the third choice, and chose “Save Link as…” from the pop-up menu.
  • I then be asked to save the file into the default file name of “backup.php”.
  • I renamed it into “ivo-backup.xml” and hit the “Save” button.
  • Wait until it all saved, coz it might be a big file for I have lots of blog postings.

There I have the exported WXR file.

  • I logged into the new wordpress blog, in my case
  • In the dashboard, I chose sidemenu “Tools” and then “Import”
  • From the list of blog systems to be use, I chose “WordPress”
  • I clicked “Choose File” button, and selected “ivo-backup.xml” file.
  • I clicked “Upload file and import” button.
  • I waited.
  • I got notified by email from titled “[] Import successful”
  • My blog is now online on!


If you have a big data file, it will take some time. Please be patient. Do not attempt to re-click the upload / import button, for it may double your postings entries. I know this for sure, because I did that, and I don’t want you to walk the same path as I did 😀